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Abraham's Descendants

Christopher L. Ervin is the director and founder of Abraham’s Descendants Ministries, also known as, “AD”. AD was formed January 9, 2012 and is a 45 member professional choir based out of Charlotte, NC consisting of singers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.


About Our Founder

“In seasons of distress, God will often raise up someone to deliver a word of encouragement to His people.

Christopher L. Ervin and Abraham’s Descendants are duly deputized to carry the message of hope. This hope will be encapsulated and distributed in their Third Live Recording on July 15, 2023.
CEAD will record all original music written by Ervin and friends- who has written many songs from previous projects that have charted in the top 10 on Billboard Chart along with other AD Choir Members.
AD made their national debut during Bishop Hezekiah Walker’s Choirfest in 2013. They were featured on John P. Kee’s VIP New Artist Showcase CD in 2016, which would serve as the precursor to their first live recording, “”The Process,”” which made its debut in 2018. The album was a choir favorite, finding its way into the top 20 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums charts. Their sophomore project “Take 2” was released in 2020 and debuted #3 on the iTunes Gospel/Christian charts.
Ervin & AD has managed to share the stage with such greats as Michael McDonald, Nick Jonas, Pastor John P. Kee, Dr. icky Dillard, Jekalyn Carr, Dr. Earnest Pugh, Avery Sunshine and many more.”

CHristopher Ervin & Abraham's Descendants

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